Wireless Token Display System for Restaurants


This product is a wireless system that displays tokens for restaurants, allowing customers to order and pay for their meals remotely. It provides a convenient and efficient way to manage restaurant queues. No need to buy LED boards to display token numbers, use TV or monitor instead.


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The Wireless Token Display System for Restaurants is a revolutionary way to manage customer queues and reduce wait times. This system is designed to provide a seamless customer experience, allowing customers to view their place in the queue from anywhere in the restaurant. The system consists of a wireless token display unit, a token dispenser, and a token printer. The token display unit is a wall-mounted device that displays the current token number and the estimated wait time for the next customer. The token dispenser is a handheld device that dispenses tokens to customers when they enter the restaurant. The token printer is a desktop device that prints out the token number for each customer. This system is easy to install and use, and it is compatible with most existing restaurant management systems. It is also highly secure, with encrypted data transmission and authentication protocols. With this system, restaurants can provide a better customer experience and reduce wait times, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.Token display system is for Restaurants, Canteens and Food court. Display Token Numbers can also show advertisement Images and Video.

Inexpensive in-store digital signage System with multiple images and video. Showcase your product and services with compelling HD images, running ticker and a video.

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Token Display with Video Advertisement.

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